Your Child's Success: A Partnership in Well-Being in Sport

Your support is integral to your child’s well-being in their sport experience.

Navigating early morning road trips, managing tryouts, braving various weather conditions on the sidelines, and ensuring a steady supply of snacks—all in a day’s work for sports parents like you.

But how do we know when our children are facing the typical challenges of sport versus when they’re encountering something that necessitates our intervention?

Many parents feel they might not have the sufficient knowledge or confidence to address mental well-being effectively. Recognizing the signs of potential mental health disorders in children of any age can be daunting, but together, we can empower you with the understanding and tools needed to support your child’s holistic well-being.

We’ve got your back.

“MHFA training is immensely valuable and timely for coaches at all levels. So many athletes are struggling silently, especially now. An MHFA-trained coach can be the trusted adult who notices and makes a life-changing difference.”

Susan Stout, founder, Own Beat Athlete, Sport Mom

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The Training Program and Practice Plan

MHFA Sport Specific, Parent Centric Certification Training:

This course is tailored to align with the MHFA curriculum, specifically designed to support parents of children engaged in organized sport, consisting of a 2-hour asynchronous session and a 5-hour virtual webinar.

Practice sessions:

Weekly challenges focused on applying MHFA skills with your children/family and fellow parents. (Includes a Monday Focus for the week; Wednesday Skill Challenge; Friday Check-in).

Parents2Parents Network:

A private community space for sport parents to share best practices and build a network of support.

Resource Bank:

Tips, tricks + tools dedicated to well-being in sport.

Monthly Instant Replay Roundtables:

Sport parents discuss their own experiences using the ALGEE Action Plan for feedback, shared wisdom and support.

Quarterly mental well-being and sport webinar:

Dynamic guest experts in the field discuss relevant topics.

Three-year certification and membership for one price!

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