WholeHealth Sport: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Our story is woven from threads of shared vision, individual courage, and collective purpose.

Within this story, you'll find coaches who noticed, mentors who cared, and encouragers who believed. From Olympic gold medals to mental health advocacy, the unique yet intertwined journeys of our founders have converged to shape WholeHealth Sport. Our mission is fueled by a relentless commitment to whole-athlete wellness—a testament to the influence of sport and the life-changing power of mindful support.

Our Story

WholeHealth Sport was born from a combination of timely encounters and urgent needs. In 2019, Samantha Arsenault Livingstone flew to Nashville to become a Mental Health First Aid instructor and met Lynn, one of the National Trainers. Not long after, Samantha and Dr. Katie Kilty crossed paths while presenting at Beyond Sport in NYC. They all connected on a deep level, united by a shared passion for sport and a concern for the mounting mental health crisis in the athletic community.

While the details of their journeys through sport differ, there’s a thread that cuts through what fuels their WHY: Inside each of their stories is a coach who noticed; a mentor that saw the human underneath; an encourager who believed; and an expander who’s impact forever changed the trajectory of their lives.

Within a year, their synergies found form in WholeHealth Sport, founded in the fall of 2020. While Samantha has since stepped away from daily operations, her foundational vision and passion are indelibly part of our DNA. Today, Lynn and Katie continue to be the driving forces behind their training programs, building on the mission to empower coaches, sports professionals, and parents in creating cultures of mental well-being.

The mission of WholeHealth Sport is:

Empowering coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers and others who support athletes with the skills, training, and resources to identify and address mental health challenges—changing the game by creating cultures of mental well-being with sport performance. 

Meet Our Team

Lynn Hennighausen, MS

National Trainer, Mental Health First Aid

With a background in corporate wellness and exercise physiology, Lynn is a pillar of our educational programs. She's certified more than 3500 Mental Health First Aiders and 3000 new Mental Health First Aid instructors. A two-sport college athlete, she understands the multifaceted needs of athletes and has a lifetime of expertise in mental health awareness and advocacy. Lynn lives in Davidson, NC with her husband and their three sports-engaged adult children.

Dr. Katie Kilty, Ed.D.

Leadership Coach and Mental Fitness Coach | YMHFA Instructor

An experiential learner driven by curiosity and innovation, Katie collaborates with leaders to create sustainable cultures of excellence and well-being. Her credentials in sport psychology and courageous leadership make her a keystone in the architecture of our training programs. Based on the NorthShore of Boston, Katie's dynamic approach to mental wellness is energizing communities on a national and international scale.

Samantha Arsenault Livingstone, OLY., M.Ed.

Olympic Gold Medalist | Founding Visionary | Mental Health Advocate

Though she has stepped back from daily operations, Samantha’s foundational vision remains an integral part of WholeHealth Sport. An Olympic gold medalist with a Master's in Education, she has long been an advocate for whole athlete wellness, influencing our mission and values. She continues her advocacy work through Livingstone High Performance and enjoys life in New England.

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