Mental Health First Aid is an international program proven to be effective.

Evidence of WholeHealth Sport’s work within the sport space mirrors national evidence:

  • 90% of participants respond “a great deal” to the question, “after taking MHFA through WHS, do you feel more likely to help an athlete who may be experiencing a mental health challenge."
  • 100% report that MHFA is “very” or “extremely relevant” to the question, “How relevant is MHFA in your ability to address the mental health of athletes you coach.”
  • 100% think it’s a great idea to require MHFA for its coaches.

Peer-reviewed studies show that individuals trained in MHFA:

  • Grow their knowledge of signs, symptoms, and risk factors of mental illnesses and addictions.
  • Can identify multiple types of professional and self-help resources for individuals with a mental illness or addiction.
  • Increase their confidence in and likelihood to help an individual in distress.
  • Show increased mental wellness themselves.

WholeHealth Sport’s Impact

“What really stuck with me through the training was the role and responsibility of a coach when responding to a mental health crisis. Coaching can be fun and exciting, but it also comes with a responsibility to your athletes to recognize concerning behavior changes. The knowledge provided by the MHFA training helps you to determine what to look out for and how to approach the situation. I am excited to be a part of such a great network of supportive coaches! "

~Madison Sullivan, MIT Softball, Assistant Coach, Mental Health First Aider

“Mental Health First Aid offered relevant, real-world scenarios + strategies on how to help.”

~Rob Livingstone, Director of Sports Performance at Williams College, 22 years of coaching experience, Mental Health First Aider

“MHFA provided a safe space for the conversations that coaches need to be having and fostered an environment to let coaches ask questions about topics that many of us felt we did not have clear guidance on.”

~Rachel Judge, Associate Head Coach-Women's Swimming, New Mexico State University, Mental Health First Aider

“I know a lot more about the steps to “identify, understand, respond” when an athlete might be experiencing a mental health challenge. And it’s prompted me to encourage other coaches to embrace well-being and a 'people first, athletes second' mantra."

~Matt Spear, former NCAA Division I Final Four Athlete, NCAA Division I Head Coach, Pro Team President and Founder of Soccer Resilience, Mental Health First Aider

“MHFA training is immensely valuable and timely for coaches at all levels. So many athletes are struggling silently, especially now. An MHFA-trained coach can be the trusted adult who notices and makes a life-changing difference.”

~Susan Stout, Founder, Own Beat Athlete

“This MHFA training was such a sound investment in my coaching. Time well spent, lots of professional, no-nonsense approaches. “

~Don Swartz Coach, North Bay Aquatics

“Taking MHFA with other coaches has provided me the tools and strategies that I know I need to better serve my athletes, parents, volunteers and staff. The class helped me develop new pathways for developing meaningful connections that will help our staff better engage our swimmers during times of mental health challenges or crises.”

~Mike Murray Coach, Victor Swim Club Owner, Warrior High Performance Lessons USA Swimming Coach ASCA Level 5, 15 years of coaching

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